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About us

Improve your physical, intellectual and social life

Professional staff in the home

Professional staff in the home care of the elderly - VIVA FLORA is available 24 hours.
The social worker, general practitioners, specialists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, nurses, nurses and other staff whose only goal is the health, comfort and satisfaction of our customers.

Dom has a capacity of 27 beds and includes double, triple and quadruple rooms, spacious living room, large terrace and highly functional bathrooms adapted for the disabled, housebound people and people with special requirements in terms of care.

Rooms and suites are fully equipped home with excellent hospital beds, air conditioning, LED TV with cable, telephone and SOS button to call a nurse.
Pleasant society in the right way

The main objective of our work

The main goal of our work is your comfort and companionship with other users will make your current life gets a new and more beautiful dimension.
The whole program for home care of the elderly - VIVA FLORA based on everyday socializing, in terms of reading books and newspapers, playing board games (chess, cards, dominoes, etc.), making a variety of items, knitting, embroidery.
The large living room with comfortable chairs for seating, you can listen to music or enjoy watching your favorite shows and entertainment programs..

Home for the care of the elderly - VIVA FLORA the social protection institutions created by the latest standards to meet the needs of the elderly.
We are located in Belgrade, at Banjica in quiet and peaceful surroundings, only 5 minutes from downtown and 3 minutes from the VMA.
Our home offers luxury accommodations and superior care for 27 users.
Every day socializing, board games, reading books

Large yard area of 1200m2

Within VIVA FLORA home accommodation is a spacious garden of 1200m2 with a beautiful fountain and greenery that provides an opportunity to socialize, relax and rest our users.

Within the home there is a clinic which performed all general and specialist examinations are essential to our customers.
Special emphasis is placed on the quality of medical services, which leads a team of doctors and nurses, which monitors the evaluation sheet at the reception as well as monitoring of the same during the entire stay at the home user.

In our house, we organize creative workshops, themed evenings, music events, celebrate holidays, birthdays and the glory of our customers.
We are here to provide warmth, attention and care in order to make our customers feel like they are at home, all in a luxurious atmosphere with friendly society and in the right way.

Home for the care of the elderly - VIVA FLORA works under the license - the number of decision: 022-02-479 / 2016.

Our wish is that your physical, intellectual and social life improve. Visit us

Why Choosing VIVA FLORA

We aim to take a leading position in the provision of services in the housing and care of old and sick people with a tendency to change our awareness of people regarding dormitory care, highlighting its strengths and overcoming possible prejudice or feeling of rejection.