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☆ creation of individual and group activities
☆ organizing social events, holiday celebrations, birthday parties, board games
☆ organizing various creative workshops, in a word, the entire culture and entertainment


under the supervision of a nutritionist kitchen of the home preparation of 3 meals and 2 snacks, as a special diet for an kirisnika (diabetics)


Spend a day or two ... or a weekend with us, and you will get superior care carried out by the professional staff of our team, the pace and extent of the person whose relatives koristi.Sto you to travel, rest, and without feeling remorse because these dear people adequately cared for and that is not a burden to relatives, friends or neighbors.

- residence
- health care
- social workers
- work activities
- psychosocial rehabilitation


Home VIVA FLORA offers high quality medical services from a professional team of doctors and nurses are following evaluation sheet at the reception user and tracking the same during the entire stay.
Medical services:
☆ blood pressure control
☆ blood sugar measurement
☆ control of body temperature
☆ placement and implementation of the medical treatment (drugs)
☆ infusion
☆ treatment of decubitus wounds
☆ cannulation
☆ all kinds of specialist examinations
☆ physical therapy and massage
☆ in case of medical indications call home provides emergency assistance and transportation to appropriate health institution
☆ possibility of opening a health card at a nearby health center and thus the possibility of faster and more efficient drug procurement monthly
☆ purchase prescription drugs
☆ possibility of lifelong care
☆ service drive and escort customers in case of the need to complete adminisrativnih Affairs (bank, post ...)
☆ guide service user for scheduled medical examinations, control, intervention
☆ services are charged separately: drugs that can not be taken on prescription, diapers, means for punching, catheters, urological bladder, incontinence pads
☆ the option to call a private funeral service for family aid users

Care users at the highest level, swimming is carried out twice a week with morning (washing, rinsing the mouth, brushing teeth) and evening gown especially for women and special treatment are immobile persons, which are washed after each change of diapers which seems at least four times within 24 hours. Hygiene is godliness with it is very important to be implemented properly and regularly.

Why Choosing VIVA FLORA

We aim to take a leading position in the provision of services in the housing and care of old and sick people with a tendency to change our awareness of people regarding dormitory care, highlighting its strengths and overcoming possible prejudice or feeling of rejection.